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The World's Most Innovative Consumer-Oriented & inclusive CryptoCurrency due to its unique usability


Join The Record Breaking Flash Token Sale

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33.78% Distributed

CCRB Token Flash Sale

During the token sale, the price of the token increases as more tokens are sold.

Flash token graph
33.78% Distributed
Tokens sold:
23,642,578.46 CCRB
Tokens left:
46,357,421.54 CCRB






During the Flash Token Flash Sale, the price of the token climbs each time a designated amount of CCRB has been sold.

So the quicker you buy the more you save!

Before you can buy CCRB you will need to register on our site.

In addition, the more CCRB you buy, the bigger the discount you get.

You'll receive your first tokens absolutely free just for registering - you can then go on to purchase your required amount of additional CCRB once registered.


Value in USD Extra Tokens (%) CCRB/$
$500 2% 0.78
$5000 5% 0.76
$10000 10% 0.73
$25000 20% 0.67
$50000 30% 0.62

The initial CCRB sale will take place over several days and will entail a series of live exchange auctions in which the market price will be set along with the coin sale until it meets the market demand.

This provides a unique opportunity to buy, trade and spend at the same time.


Cryptocurrencies suffer from a huge lack of usability and market fluctuation. CCRB is different

Chris Pomelli

 It's a very, very unique currency, due to its unique usability. I certainly suggest you check this thing out 

  • Cost of transactions is high, and getting higher
  • Significant barriers to entry for consumers
  • Cashflow and technology barriers for retailers
  • Consumers & Retailers scared by market fluctuations
  • Very limited, or no options for spending cryptocurrencies
  • No all-in-one solution for crypro buying, trading and spending


The CCRB Ecosystem is what creates the usability that makes our cryptocurrency truly innovative and unique. CCRB launched the concept of blockchain technology written on the dynamics of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

The “POSp” Protocol validates transactions and the participating parties, to create new value after every successful transaction. The POSp concept covers all validated spending including public sector spending, private sector spending, trade spending, charity spending as well as any kind of transaction that is processed between two or more parties.

Crypto Exchange Debit Card Payment Gateway Business Account Business Loans Personal Account Crypto Finance Whitepaper CryptoZone Shop & Mine Roadmap Internal Value Spend CCRB CCRB 2.0 CCRB Spend CCRB Collect CCRB Donations CCRB Pay Charity Market Place e-Vouchers Mobile TopUp Loyalty Platform Crypto Pay Crypto Wallets ICO Solutions Crypto Loyalty Solutions Private Blockchain Blockchain CashbackAPP SwapHippo Legal Consultancy BeePay BeeLife Corporate
  • Connected ecosystem means there are no blockchain fees incurred for transactions between users
  • Consumers can earn and spend through CCRB connected savings accounts and international debit card
  • Marketplace and Loyalty Platform with infused crypto / fiat payment gateway solution
  • Our unique CCRB High Internal Value© protects consumers and retailers against market fluctuations. The products and service in the ecosystem are powered by third-party retailers
  • Spend, save and mine CCRB at over 35,000 outlets across millions of products, in over 135 countries. The offers and retailers are subject to changes from time to time
  • The unique CCRB demand and supply model is driven by consumers, traders and retailers all within our live ecosystem which is powered by CCRB High Internal Value©

CCRB High Internal Value©

CCRB - spendable instantly, always at a significantly higher internal value

Our unique internal value allows token holders to spend the token globally at a minimum of 4x higher than the coin market rate or a fixed baseline, whichever is higher. (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

Internal value graph

Want more info on our High Internal Value© ?

Tokenised Properties

Already more than $4m of property has been bought using CCRB, with much more to come.

We've teamed up with property developers and real estate agents including Century 21 IH UK, part of the world's largest residential estate agency organisation, to offer more than 100 Million dollars worth of properties available to be exchanged.

Yasin Patel

 I believe this cryptocurrency is the future, that's why I'm involved. 

CryptoLife (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

POSh “Proof of Shopping – POSh” is part of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9). This concept makes mining cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone who shops. The “POSp” and “POSh” concepts are designed to resolve the current energy consumption issues that are currently an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry, specifically related to the mining of crypto.

Through our CryptoLife platform you can currently spend, mine and save with CCRB at the High Internal Rate© through more than 35,000 outlets, across millions of products in more than 200+ countries.

We have tied up with multiple service providers including CashBackApp, a leading provider of cashback and loyalty platforms to 20+ banks and financial institutions around the globe.


Our very own exchange

We are building our own fully functional crypto exchange, where CCRB will be one of the base market, providing more credibility, versatility and stability for our cryptocurrency.

We are currently the license holder for India and the Middle East, of the Ethereum token exchange named orderbook powered by Ambisafe.

View Demo

Savings Account & VISA CredEcard

Users can utilise our VISA CredEcard and Savings Account to earn and spend CCRB whilst they shop.

It works just like an online account from a high-street bank, with users given a UK bank account and sort code.

  • can be used to shop at 25 million merchants worldwide that accept VISA debit cards
  • card enabled to spend any fiat currency and also spend and earn cryptocurrency online in any country where the card is accepted
  • revolutionary decentralised payment card linked directly with your account.

CCRBPay Payment Gateway

The world's first payment gateway that processes mixed payments involving both credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies at the single press of a button (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

This provides a risk-free entry for retailers into cryptocurrency without affecting cash flow

  • 0-25%

    Risk free Crypto loyalty program. Ideal for retailers of any size that want to limit their initial risk and exposure.

  • 25-50%

    Ideal for high profit margin businesses allowing you to accept CCRB without affecting your cash flow.

  • 51-75%

    Offers a perfect compromise and new revenue streams for bold and innovative retailers.

  • 76-100%

    Go full crypto and maximize your new global customer base by fully catering to cryptocurrency users.


Our live App directly connects customers with retailers and international brands by allowing users to spend CCRB at the High Internal Rate©. The retailer API connected with the App issues instant e-codes which can be scanned at checkout or redeemed online globally. (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)


  • Subhash Manuel CEO & Co-Founder
  • Robert Ferguson Sales Director
  • David McLean Digital Marketing
  • David Tainsh Partnerships & Collaborations Manager
  • Akhil Anthony Blockchain DBA
  • Suresh Kamal Technical Lead
  • Hari Govind Quality Analyst
  • Chandra Chaudhary Finance Manager
  • Mohit Kumar Business Analyst
  • Jose Matthew Operations Director
  • Daison Dixon Business Analyst
  • Ajoy Baby IT Consultant
  • Soumya S Nair App Developer
  • Rachel Drennan Community Manager
  • Samantha Christacopoulos Business Development
  • Trading Platform
  • cashbackApp Cashback Platform
  • BeeLife Loyalty Platform
  • SwapHippo Shopping Platform
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  • Sujatha Renganathan Accounts Director
  • Allan Bell Senior Consultant
  • Mike Ward Business Consultant
  • Nick Mallett Legal Consultant
  • Roshin Ambookan Marketing Consultant
  • Your name and surname Want to become one of our Adviser?
  • Our team regulary speaks at and attends industry events

    Blockchain Summit


    Subash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB, will be speaking at this years Blockchain Summit event.

    Blockchain Summit


    Subash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB, will be speaking at this years Blockchain Summit event.

    CCRB Blockchain Summit


    Subash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB, will be speaking at this years Blockchain Summit event.


  • October - December 2015
    Launched online comparison and cashback platform
  • Jan - March 2016
    Added in-store loyalty programs to our platformConnected 35,000 UK retail outlets including national and local brands
  • April - June 2016
    Invested in cashback app to provide card-linked loyalty services to banks and corporatesMoved into new offices at 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London - one the main financial hubs in the world
  • July - September 2016
    Launched CCRB Secure Web & Mobile WalletLaunched Unique card linked loyalty solution for UK market
  • October - December 2016
    CCRB power the first ever Blockchain India Summit with Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum presentLinked CCRB to our cashback platform and marketplace with fixed and high internal value.
  • January – March 2017
    Launched loyalty linked Personal Account Services with Prepaid card, connected to a UK Bank Account and Sort Code.Launched CCRB on external exchanges
  • April - June 2017
    BETA version of Payment Gateway goes live - the first payment gateway to process mixed payments of crypto and fiat currencies in single transactions (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)Enabled Global property purchase using CCRB in tie up with Century21st worldwide leader in real estate.
  • July – September 2017
    Launched Business service like UK company formation and Business loans linked to CCRBCrypto-pay app enabling CCRB payments to major UK retailers
  • October – December 2017
    Invested in (ETHEREUM TOKEN EXCHANGE) and exclusive UK, India and middle license holder. CCRB linked loyalty platforms launched globallyEnable CCRB spending on International VOIP calling and mobile Top ups in 130 countries
  • January – March 2018
    CCRBX crypto exchange global launch
  • April – June 2018
    Full release version of Payment Gateway for CCRB
  • July – September 2018
    Launch of International Ewallet based Personal & Merchant Account services


CCRB is currently listed on 5 Exchange Partners sites and more of them are coming soon...
6 Exchange Partners

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