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Receive a flat rate of 25% of the value of your purchase as Cryptoback when you shop from thousands of affiliate retailers.

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How It Works

How It Works


Click any of the affiliate links below and purchase products on the retailers site - for every £100 you spend, you'll receive £25 worth of bonus CCRB back which you can spend on our internal shopping platform.

Receive CCRB

The CCRB you have earned will then instantly go into your pending CCRB account, you'll be able to see the amount of CCRB you have mined from shopping in real-time within your account as you purchase from the affiliate platform.


Once the retailer that you purchased from pays us, we will then move your mined CCRB from your Pending Account into your Approved CCRB account - you can then use the CCRB that you have mined in whichever way you choose - we give you multiple options.

Convert CCRB

Choose to either spend the CCRB you have mined on our shopping platform where we reward you with a significantly increased High Internal Value (up to 10x the external market value), or once you have mined at least £40 worth of CCRB you can then withdraw your CCRB and convert it to another cryptocurrency or sell it on the open exchange.

Benefits Of Shop & Mine

Still not sure why you should use Shop & Mine rather than trying to save money through traditional cashback and loyalty programs?

This should help.

Simpler & More Convenient Mining

Shop & Mine enables you to quickly and easily get involved in the booming cryptocurrency market with absolutely zero-risk to yourself. All you are doing is simply shopping for the products that you love and would buy anyway, and being rewarded with complimentary cryptocurrency along the way - this is a new, better way to mine cryptocurrency, and it couldn't be simpler or more convenient.

Your Rewards Can Increase Over Time

As well as getting free bonus cryptocurrency that you can spend on our internal platform at up to 10x higher than the external market rate, you can also choose to keep hold of the CCRB that you have mined, and it's value will increase in line with any external market value increases. So the complimentary CCRB that you have mined through shopping can increase in value over time - which can represent a great investment.

Dynamic Mining That Keeps Working For You

As the external market value of CCRB increases, we also increase the High Internal Value of your CCRB, meaning that over time the CCRB that you have mined can also become worth more when you use it to shop on our internal platform. This means you can make even greater savings on products you purchase over time.

Easier Conversion To Other Cryptocurrencies

Once you have CCRB, you can quickly, easily and conveniently convert it to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through our crypto exchange CCRBX, or a number of other exchanges that CCRB is listed on. Compare this to receiving rewards in Fiat money, where the process of converting that to Bitcoin is often more drawn out and more complicated for many people.

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