At its heart CCRB is a cryptocurrency, but it’s also much more than that - it’s part of an entire ecosystem of products and services that all contribute to creating the high degree of usability that is the cornerstone of what we think makes CCRB stand out from the myriad of other cryptocurrencies and alt-coins on the market today.

There are many various components to the CCRB Ecosystem already (and we have bold plans to add many more over the coming months as we grow and develop further) -  here we summarise what is currently part of the ecosystem, and provide some details on how each individual component fits into the overall scheme of things.

CCRB 2.0

This is the concept that enables CCRB to be spent and mined on the internal platform that is linked to CCRB, and contains a host of shopping related products and features including the Shop & Mine and CryptoZone areas of the site, which offer affiliate-based  retailers and products, and own own-branded range of products, respectively.

This specific area of the CCRB Ecosystem ensures that our cryptocurrency can be very easily spent the moment a user acquires it, and also allows for further mining of additional cryptocurrency by each users through shopping on the platform, rather than having to carry out traditional forms of crypto mining.

CCRB 2.0 is a key factor in what gives CCRB it’s unique and innovative usability - it allows for the cryptocurrency to be used instantly in a variety of highly flexible ways, giving lots of choice to users of cryptocurrency with regards to what they can do with it once they acquire it.

Crypto Finance

CCRB has developed a number of finance-related products and services that are directly linked to our cryptocurrency, in order to further increase the amount of usability and practical application that cryptocurrency has in today’s modern technology-based world.

Products and services within this category include Personal and Business Accounts, Debit and Credit Cards, Business Loans, and our very own Payment Gateway and Crypto Exchange which directly services the needs of CCRB users in relation to the financial needs and considerations that they might have in regards to switching from traditional methods of finance and banking to more innovative crypto based ones.

Again, the idea is to make the uptake of cryptocurrency by any user, no matter what their level of technical knowledge or personal experience of cryptocurrency, as seamless and painless as possible, so that the usability and practical application of cryptocurrency is accessible to all in the simplest and easiest way possible.


CCRB has a number of products and services within the ecosystem that are geared towards the corporate sector, such as Legal Consultancy, CashBack App which provides card-linked loyalty services to banks and corporates, and BeePay which provides payment services to retailers to provide them with peace of mind and the highest levels of security for their transactions.

As part of the CCRB Ecosystem, we aim to cater to businesses and corporations of all sizes in terms of aiding them with their transition and integration to crypto-based services, products and protocols in the future - which is why we have focused on adding features and functionality to the ecosystem that are specifically designed to make this process as seamless and effortless as possible for retailers and businesses all over the world.

Business Services

We have also integrated a range of B2B services into the CCRB Ecosystem, such as Digital Marketing Solutions, Payment Solutions, Business Loans and Business Energy Services.

Again the focus is upon expanding the value and appeal of CCRB and cryptocurrency beyond just the consumer and investor and firmly into the B2B domain. Our focus on this element of the cryptocurrency ecosystem further increases the widespread appeal and overall usability of cryptocurrency in a highly practical and valuable way for all parties who wish to get involved in this burgeoning market.


The CryptoPay arm of the CCRB Ecosystem incorporates a number of modern payment solutions for various products and solutions such as Mobile Top-Up and e-Vouchers, to further increase the integration and reach of cryptocurrency into all areas of modern personal and business financial requirements and preferences.

We are constantly seeking new ways to use innovative technology and new technological systems to further expand how our cryptocurrency can be seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of consumers, retailers and merchants, and to provide them with the best possible solutions for expanding their reach into cryptocurrency and gaining a better understanding of how they can use it and benefit from it moving forward.

Summary of the CCRB Ecosystem

CCRB is more than just a simple cryptocurrency, it’s an entire platform and ecosystem that aims to redefine how cryptocurrency can be used and integrated into the daily lives of people all over the world, whether they be private consumers, businesses and corporations, investors or traders.

The entire team at CCRB is working hard to continue to develop an entire suite of products, services and solutions within the ecosystem that can cater to almost any need that anyone who wants to get involved with cryptocurrency could conceivably have.

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