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CCRB is full of innovation, thought-leadership and dynamic, forward-thinking concepts and initiatives, but perhaps none of the features and functionality built into the entire CCRB Ecosystem are quite as functional and valuable to such a wide range of cryptocurrency stakeholders as the High Internal Value concept.


For those of you new to our High Internal Value , it can be a little tricky to get your head around, by way of just how innovative and groundbreaking it is!


Which is exactly why we have created this blog post for you, to fully explain exactly how it works, why it exists, and importantly why so many of the world’s biggest and best-known retailers have chosen to present their brands on the CCRB platform and become part of the cryptocurrency buying revolution.


Here’s a summary of the key information:


How does the High Internal Value work?


The High Internal Value works by rewarding consumers with a significantly increased value for their CCRB when they use it to purchase products and services on the CCRB shopping platform. For example, typically as of the time of writing, a consumer might be able to purchase CCRB for as little as £0.65 per coin, but they can then instantly spend the CCRB that they have purchased at a rate of $4.10 per coin - that’s around 6.5 times what they paid for it!


Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not - it’s all down to the fact that it works in much the same way as a traditional cashback and loyalty program, but with cryptocurrency. As we all know, cashback and loyalty programs have seen huge success and growth in recent years, and that’s down to the fact that they benefit consumers and retailers alike in equal measure, and the High Internal Value that we provide as part of the CCRB Ecosystem is no exception. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits to both parties.


Why does the High Internal Value exist?


The High Internal Value concept was born when CEO & Founder of CCRB, Subash Manuel, recognised that there was a gap in the market for a crypto-related loyalty program where a win-win situation could be created for consumers, retailers, affiliates and crypto-traders alike. The whole mindset and mentality of the team behind CCRB is one of continuous innovation, thought-leadership and dynamic forward-thinking, so the team proceeded to create a specific system of crypto payment that would fill this gap in the market - hence the unique High Internal Value was born!


“We are very proud of the way in which our High Internal Value has revolutionised the global loyalty industry and the way in which it is making cryptocurrency more accessible to everyone around the globe, and continuing to benefit both consumers and retailers in a way that is innovative and forward-thinking and challenges traditional convention with regards to payments of goods and services. It’s also fantastic and highly encouraging to see so many great retailers and brands on the CCRB platform getting involved, it’s a fantastic step forward for cryptocurrency and everything that it represents”, commented Subash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB.


How Retailers Benefit


Retailers benefit from the High Internal Value by gaining access to a new and developing consumer audience that they can tap into - that of the ever-expanding cryptocurrency buying public. Many smart and innovative retailers now recognise that over time, more and more people will want to have the option of using cryptocurrency to purchase and trade goods, so they are getting in early and capturing this audience at the start of the cryptocurrency boom, so they can ensure they get the very most from this ever-expanding new channel to market their products and services.


In addition, enabling consumers to purchase products and services using cryptocurrency through the CCRB platform builds customer loyalty and retention, in much the same way that traditional cashback and loyalty programs work. This is why so many retailers see great value in allowing payment or part-payment in cryptocurrency for their products and services, as they recognise the long-term value of this dynamic approach and the rewards that it can reap for them in the future.


Retailers also get a high degree of flexibility regarding how they choose to utilise the High Internal Value on the platform - with each retailer choosing the specific amount of CCRB they wish to accept for payments for their goods on the platform, as a maximum percentage of the total purchase price, at any given time. This means that retailers have the flexibility and freedom to choose the amount of ‘reward’ they want to give to the CCRB spenders, based on the margins of their products and how much exposure they want to cryptocurrency at any given time. This allows retailers to ensure that the way in which they use the High Internal Value remains financially viable for them across all their different products and services, no matter what the various margins involved.


How Consumers Benefit


The benefits to the consumer are obvious - they get to purchase goods and services at a significant cost saving, as they can pay or part-pay for their goods on the shopping platform using CCRB with the High Internal Value, reducing the overall cost of the good(s). What’s more, the CCRB that they have is spendable instantly on the platform, there is no waiting around or delay in being able to utilise the High Internal Value of CCRB once they acquire it - it’s a seamless process from getting CCRB, to being able to put the unique and innovative High Internal Value into action and start making significant cost savings immediately!


The other key benefit for consumers is that seeking to purchase goods and services in this way using CCRB does not significantly limit their choice of vendors and outlets from which they can purchase and save from - the CCRB shopping platform contains more than 35,000 outlets in more than 200 countries worldwide, including many of the UK’s biggest and best-known brands - selling millions of products across an enormous range of categories that should fulfil almost any everyday need that your average consumer has.


Consumers can purchase everything from gift cards for the top retailers and brands in order to purchase their weekly shop of FMCG’s - right through to high-value items such as property and real-estate - and it’s this highly expansive range of products and services that it so valuable and attractive to the consumer once they gain a full understanding of how the CCRB platform and the High Internal Value contained within it works.


The future of the High Internal Value


As more and more consumers, retailers, affiliates and traders discover the High Internal Value concept built into the CCRB Ecosystem and continue to get involved and reap the benefits of it, it will only continue to help grow the CCRB cryptocurrency and platform and the amount of people all across the world using it to make savings, get involved in the booming cryptocurrency market in a way that is risk-free and much more stable than many others means, and gain access to a growing network of new and innovative customers, partners and associates that can all work together to get the very most out of cryptocurrency both now and in the future.


This is a key component of what makes CCRB such a unique and innovative cryptocurrency, and it’s something that is helping to redefine both the cryptocurrency and the cashback and loyalty industries in a way that provides so much benefit to so many individuals and businesses - and that’s something that everyone here at CCRB is very proud of!

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