Perhaps the main thing that we are highly passionate about here at CCRB is cryptocurrency usability; we want to create the world’s most usable crypto that has masses of practical value - and that drives everything that we do.

But there’s another key characteristic of our cryptocurrency that is a real top priority for us; and that’s inclusivity.

We want to create a cryptocurrency that’s highly accessible to everyone, no matter who they are, what their personal circumstances are, or where they happen to be located in the world. We like to think that that’s one key thing that’s made a significant contribution to us achieving more than 425,000 signups already during the Pre-Sale- and that number is increasing exponentially every day!

It’s why we have been very careful to set the minimum purchase amount for CCRB during the Token Sale lower than most other ICO tokens - and it’s a conscious decision that was made by the CCRB team in order to ensure that our token sale is truly open to all - we want as diverse a community of people as possible to get involved in cryptocurrency and benefit from our token sale and giveaway as is possible.

It means that the people who benefit from CCRB are not just going to be the big investors alone who put in thousands of pounds at a time - it’s also going to be much smaller investors who are perhaps dipping their toes into cryptocurrency for the first time. We want to give them a product offering that they feel truly comfortable with - no matter what their circumstances or the size of their wallet.

Other token providers have received criticism for alienating the very people that they claim their tokens are designed to benefit the most, by setting the minimum purchase amount higher than a certain proportion of the ever-growing cryptocurrency community feel they can afford.

The excuses used by these token providers often centre around the fact that they feel that the people who need their products and services the most aren’t currently getting involved in token sales, so they don’t need to make suitable provisions for them during their token sale.

For us that’s just simply not good enough - and we refuse to go down this road!

We want CCRB to be open to everyone, truly accessible and highly valuable to as many people all over the world as we can possible make it.

That’s our mission and focus during the Token Sale, it was our mission and focus prior to the Token Sale - and nothing is set to change.

It will form a key part of our focus and drive going forward and will continue to be a mindset that will shape everything we implement, and every key business decision that we make in the future.

Cryptocurrency inclusivity means a lot to us and is something that is very close to all of our hearts here at CCRB. For that reason alone, we hope that you choose to be involved in our Token Sale if you haven’t done so already - no matter where you are from, your background or your circumstances...this Token Sale is for you!

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