CCRB is all about innovation and forward-thinking in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, which is exactly why it’s written on the dynamics of the ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’, a patent pending protocol that validates transactions and the parties carrying out those transactions, to create new value to all parties involved (Patent App No: GB1719487.9).

The POSp protocol covers all validated spending between various parties including public-sector spending, private-sector spending, trade spending, charity spending, and indeed any other sort of transaction that can be processed between two or more parties.

E-commerce Market Expansion

CCRB has developed this concept in response to the continued growth and expansion of the e-commerce market, which is currently valued at about 2.5 trillion USD.

This market value continues to increase rapidly and is predicted to reach nearly 5 trillion USD by the end of 2021.

With the market for e-commerce purchasing using the internet and mobile gathering pace all the time, and more consumers now comfortable and willing to experiment with more innovative and technologically-advanced methods of purchasing goods online, CCRB felt the time was right to introduce this new protocol technology for the burgeoning cryptocurrency consumer community -  and we are excited by the prospect of this development benefiting them by providing the power to reduce the effects of inflation, and give them more options and choices for dealing with tough economic conditions when they purchase goods and services.

Easy and Accessible Cryptocurrency

CCRB has also developed the ‘Proof of Shopping (POSh) protocol, which is part of the ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’ - POSh is a concept that makes mining cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone who shops.

Energy Consumption Benefits

Both the POSp and POSh protocols and the concepts behind them are designed in part to resolve the current energy consumption issues that are of concern to the cryptocurrency industry with respect to the mining of crypto - with these new concepts from CCRB, consumers can mine the cryptocurrency through shopping and spending on the CCRB CryptoLife platform.

Greater Spending Power and Choice with Crypto

In addition, they can do so using the uniquely beneficial High Internal Value of the CCRB cryptocurrency, which gives them a much higher value when they spend CCRB on the internal shopping platform, and with products and services available from more than 35,000 outlets across millions of products, in more than 200+ countries - these new protocols and concepts from CCRB offer tremendous choice and value to consumers all over the world who wish to use cryptocurrency for the purchasing of products and services.  

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