Today CCRB is pleased to announce official confirmation of a partnership with BBX, a leading online platform that allows businesses to become a preferred supplier to one of the world’s largest business communities, which will see CCRB add some 90,000+ retailers across 14 countries to their linked shopping platform, which already contains more than 35,000 outlets spanning more than 200 countries worldwide.

The deal, which will allow users of the CCRB cryptocurrency to use their coins to buy BBX points, was confirmed yesterday at the corporate headquarters of CCRB based at Canary Wharf, London, and is the latest exciting development in the continued progression of the companies roadmap for the CCRB platform and ecosystem.

The unique proposition of CCRB has always been the extensive usability and practical application that the cryptocurrency has, particularly in comparison to most, if not all other cryptocurrencies currently on the market, and this deal serves to significantly increase that usability further and give users of the CCRB cryptocurrency even greater choice and flexibility as to what they can do with the coins once they have them.

Work on the full integration of the CCRB and BBX platforms will start immediately, with the CCRB development team working with BBX on the required API's and coding towards a scheduled launch date of Mid-Late April 2018.

“As part of the continued drive and focus within the company to continually increase and improve the usability of our cryptocurrency, we are constantly seeking new partnerships and collaborations that will add more high-quality retailers and merchants to the linked shopping platform for CCRB, and we are extremely delighted to be able to officially announce our new partnership with BBX today that greatly improves this usability further and continues to enhance our key product offering within the cryptocurrency space, which is to make crypto as accessible as possible to people all over the world, no matter what their current understanding or expertise level might be with regards to the currently burgeoning world of cryptocurrency”, commented Subhash Manuel, CEO of CCRB.

With millions of products already available to purchase through the shopping platform that is currently linked to CCRB, which range from everything from household goods and commodities, through to luxury items and expensive, niche goods - CCRB offers a unique way for anyone interested in cryptocurrency to acquire crypto either as an investment, or alternatively as a method of making significant cost-savings on the everyday items that they purchase as part of their regular shopping habits.  

Following on from the completion of this deal, CCRB are continuing to work on many other partnerships and collaborations that will continue to extend the usability of their cryptocurrency even further, and are aiming to impact the cryptocurrency industry and change the face of it by allowing people to purchase or mine cryptocurrency that can then be used instantly towards purchases at hundreds of thousands of outlets and retailers all over the world, including some of the biggest global brands in existence.

BBX was established in April 1993, and is the largest business community of its type in the world, with over 97,000 card holders and 250 staff.

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