With our Token Pre-Sale now only 4 days away from ending, we wanted to give you all a fantastic update on the progress of the sale - and it’s one that we are incredibly excited and proud to be able to share with you.

No. of Member Sign-Ups

So far the number of members who have signed up during the Pre-Sale stands at 328,189 - and this number is increasing at any ever-growing rate, as word spreads far and wide about CCRB and it’s high levels of usability, practical value and inclusivity.

We are extremely proud to say that this is one of the highest number of registrations that any ICO has ever received during their Token Pre-Sale, so as you can imagine we are totally thrilled and honoured by the amazing response from you all to the campaign and your amazing support for the CCRB project.

We want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us this far, we couldn’t have done it without you and we are extremely grateful to have your support for this amazing project. So a big thank you to you all.

The Next Stage

Not one to ever rest on our laurels though, we are already looking forward to the full Token Sale which starts immediately after the Pre-Sale, and based on the response to the Pre-Sale, we expect to create history when we move into the full sale and start selling CCRB proper.

To give you some more useful figures on how things have performed during the Pre-Sale, we expected to distribute around 20% of our Tokens during the Pre-Sale, and we have actually  achieved more than 25% - so again we thank you all for your amazing support and are obviously incredibly pleased with the response so far which has been fantastic.

Here’s some details for you about the Token Sale:

There are only 50 million tokens left in the Flash Token Sale which starts on Sunday 28th January 2018 at 00:00 (midnight).
(To avoid any confusion here, the Pre-Sale ends at the end of Saturday evening, with the Token Sale starting at midnight at the end of Saturday evening. Sorry it can be a little confusing with dates when things switch over at midnight!).

The switch over will be instant without any disruption in service or functionality, as we have planned and made the necessary provisions for the switch to be seamless.

Price of CCRB Coins Increasing (Ceiling of $5 per coin)

A reminder that the price of CCRB coins will go up as soon as the switch from the Pre-Sale to full Token Sale is made - coins will increase to $0.80 per coin from $0.65 cents per coin - so now is the time to purchase your CCRB before the price increase.

Speaking of price increases, it’s incredible to think that the original starting price of CCRB for the very earliest investors was only $0.10 - look how far things have come since then, with the price now at $0.65 and set to rise up to $0.80 in just a few days time.  

During the Token Sale, the price of the coins is expected to increase steadily throughout the 90 days from a starting point of $0.80 right up to a final ceiling of £5 - so the quicker you buy the greater the savings that you will make, with things really starting to be ramped up now as demand increases exponentially and the supply of CCRB becomes ever more depleted.

Once again thank you all for your incredible support thus far and for being part of making this project great already - onwards and upwards and we look forward to the next stage of the development of CCRB with very excited hearts and minds!

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