We are excited to announce that our new cryptocurrency exchange, CCRBX, has now been launched, which represents another important step forward in the evolution of the CCRB platform and ecosystem.

Why Does This Matter To You?

One of the main advantages of having our own crypto exchange is that it will provide CCRB users with greater levels of versatility and flexibility when buying and trading cryptocurrency, and give our users the greatest range of options possible so that they have greater choice as to exactly what they do with their cryptocurrency.

One of the ways in which this is done is by adding a huge range of various payment methods to the exchange, including payment through a range of popular gift cards from retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, as well as more traditional and widely-used payment portals such as Paypal and Western Union, to name but a few.

The focus is on giving users the maximum possible choice as to how they choose to pay for their cryptocurrency, which is why we have worked hard to provide as many payment options as possible.

Helping Beginners With Crypto

One of the main focuses of our new exchange is to make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible to new users and help beginners as well as experienced cryptocurrency users get involved and benefit from the massive rise in the interest and validity of cryptocurrency.

What Exactly Can I Do On The Exchange?

The Exchange comprises a number of sections that will be developed over the coming months on an ongoing basis, initially two sections have been launched as follows:

Coin Swap

Coin Swap is open to everyone with immediate affect, and enables you to exchange a huge number of different cryptocurrencies at the best rates possible from one wallet to another within seconds.

We have tied up with Changelly, a reputed provider of liquidity services for exchange between digital currencies, to provide a service that offers you a wide range of digital currencies to buy and sell but does not provide conversion to or from traditional currencies.


We have also launched our BETA version of the Peer-to-Peer section of the exchange.

Due to the overwhelming response that we have had during the initial phase of the CCRB Token Sale, with almost 700,000 users signing up during the Pre-Sale alone, a phased roll-out of access to the Peer-to-Peer section of the exchange needs to be implemented.

Initially access will be limited to a select number of CCRB users that have purchased CCRB, then access will be rolled out over the coming months to other users using a queuing system.

You need to request access to the Peer-to-Peer component of CCRBX and you will then be entered into the queuing system:

The launch of the CCRBX Exchange is another vital development in the evolution and innovation of CCRB so be sure to take a look and see how you can benefit from the new exchange going forward, if you haven't done so already. 

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