Former Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron has stated in an article published on Business Insider today that he wants to tap into the power of blockchain technology to fight government corruption.

He was speaking at the launch of Fintech startup Blockchain's new east London offices, and made the statement during the address which means that another senior political figure is now openly providing their support for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, something that is of course great to see for someone so passionate and excited by the prospect of cryptocurrencies as we are here at CryptoCarbon.

During the address, he also mentioned that he feels we are "on the brink of a very exciting revolution" in this area, something that we couldn't agree more with. If senior political figures such as Mr Cameron are seeing this coming, then it simply has to happen sooner or later, and the key thing will be to ensure that you get in whilst the going is good with regards to the cryptocurrency market, and don't leave it too late. 

There are many people who missed the opportunity somewhat with Bitcoin, and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved with the booking cryptocurrency industry second time round now that Bitcoin has matured and there are other serious players on the cryptocurrency market to consider.

It was also great to see David Cameron openly supporting the growth and development of the UK, and specifically the London cryptocurrency and Fintech scene, as he stated during the speech that he is "passionate about making sure London continues to be a successful tech hub". This is great news for everyone involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector in the UK, and of course for companies such as CryptoCarbon that are based in the prime centre of the UK and London's financial district, Canary Wharf.

He also praised the wealth of talent that we have based here in the UK, stating that "The City of London has always been a fantastic innovator, and we need to be as good an innovator in digital as we have been in the analogue world".

Again we couldn't agree more - we're very proud of the innovation that we bring to what we do, and also feel very lucky to work with a wealth of very talented, creative and innovative individuals and companies within London and the wider UK, and for us it's very clear that much of the biggest and brightest talent in the world in this area is based right here in London! Long may it continue!

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