In the one of its kind serial event “Challenge The Hype” organised by the Oxford alumni group where an experienced panel and audience probe real blockchain use case, Subash Manuel, CEO CCRB, on Tuesday explained how CCRB users continue to benefit with their CCRB coins amidst the current market crash and slumping prices of top cryptocurrencies.

LBCF (London Blockchain Foundation) is a London-based, not-for-profit member-led organisation established to create a trusted platform for Oxford alumni, professionals, and executives in the industries potentially impacted or disrupted by the blockchain technology. It aims to promote the value that blockchain can bring to various aspects of life and business.

As blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the current buzzwords of the Fintech industry, many different questions posed by the experts challenged the unnecessary hype and sought a solution that is scalable and has a real use case in practical scenarios.

Amidst probe by brilliant minds, Subash had some tough questions to answer. Clear in his disposition, and with a detailed response to the questions, he categorically explained the various aspects of the CCRB infrastructure and how it is spotless in delivering sustainable benefits to CCRB users. As such CCRB, with a sustainable solution and real use case offering users multiple options to spend CCRB coins was much appreciated, particularly by the Oxford alumni group representatives conducting the event.

CCRB's CEO Subash Manuel

The exclusive event was dedicated to exploring real use cases of the Blockchain technology followed by a discussion and Q & A. The venue of this event made it even more special. It was organised at the historic Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, erstwhile, ST Ethelburga’s church which was almost pulverised in a terrorist attack in the year 1993. The destroyed medieval church was resurrected and opened to the public only in 2002 after nine years of the attack.


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ST Ethelburga’s church

It was the then Bishop of London, who came up with this idea to recreate the venue as the Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. Supported by Cardinal Hume who took the initiative to secure the necessary funding to reconstruct the church, the St Ethelburga’s church stands as a symbol of hope and peace in the face of hatred and terrorism.

Emphasising on the importance of the Blockchain technology and how it brings us a unique opportunity to redefine and simplify complex business processes, Subash pointed out the challenges facing the users and crypto community at large. Talking about the current market crash which has dampened the spirits of cryptocurrency users and investors across the globe, Subash said the root of the problem is that most cryptocurrencies don’t have a real use case and their valuation is entirely dependent on market forces. Therefore, traditional digital currencies have persistent stability issues.

Representing CCRB and explaining how CCRB users continue to benefit despite the current market crash he said, “ While the market crash has lowered the spirits of cryptocurrency owners and investors, CCRB users continue to benefit from their tokens.”

He added, “This is due to the platform’s unique proof of spending (Pos) protocol and the higher internal value, which gives CCRB users enhanced buying power to purchase a range of products and services from over 30,000 outlets globally.”

Informed cryptocurrency users and blockchain experts attended the LBCF’s event, and as such there were interesting and thought-provoking questions to explore how blockchain based projects can become more sustainable with practical use cases for average cryptocurrency users.

Responding to how CCRB provides a real use case, Subash explained, “ Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, CCRB tokens bridge the gap between the FIAT currencies and digital tokens allowing CCRB users to purchase a range of products from flight tickets to tokenized properties via secure and faster transactions over blockchain, saving a minimum of 8–10% compared to traditional fund transfer solutions.”

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