According to an article published today on the website, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has been speaking with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin about using Etheruem, during a session that took place following the President’s meeting with heads of major foreign companies and business associations on June 2nd, at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) event.

Vitalik Buterin speaking at SPIEF

Vitalik Buterin speaking at SPIEF

SPIEF is an annual event held since 1997, and during the session the two were reported to have discussed the opportunities for using the technologies that Buterin has developed in Russia, with the President supporting the idea of establishing ties with possible Russian partners.

Buterin also confirmed the discussion on his Reddit page, stating that “it was a brief conversation at the end of a private CEO meeting.”

It's great that yet another big government throughout the world is getting actively involved with the cryptocurrency scene, and investing the opportunities that it represents going forward. 

Putin has also stated that he feels that Russia’s future lies in developing the digital economy, which explains his interest in cryptocurrency of late as he is clearly looking to use the power of the innovative technology for the greater benefit of the country over which he presides.

You can view the full article on the website here.

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